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The EngSoc team consists of Executives, Directors and Subcommittee members striving to create valuable social and career opportunities for all Engineering students at UNSW. Each year we elect a new Executive board at our annual AGM and recruit interested applicants via an interview process for the Director and Subcomittee roles.

Hover over each box to learn more about EngSoc's 8 major portfolios!


Professional upskilling resources

Industry networking nights

Resume and careers workshops 

Site visits and company seminars 


Fullstack website development

Provision of technical support 

Web hosting, deployments and maintenance

Development of softwares for internal and external use


Run Peer Mentoring, ACE and EUP

Organise annual case competitions

Social and careers events/workshops


Coordination of major social events

Communication with venue and event partners

Organise cross-society events

Committee member recruitment

Facilitate internal team bonding

Grievance handling and conflict mitigation


Promotion of society events

Maintenance of society branding 

Management of social media posts


Content creation for the student body

Event film and photography

Industry podcasts and Youtube videos


Management of existing sponsors

Network with new potential sponsors

Collaborate with sponsors to promote opportunties to students



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Suzanna Islam
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Gabriel Esquivel
Arc Delegate
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Winnie Zhang
IT Executive Director
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George Shang
VP of Publications
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Lucy Wang
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Vincent Nguyen
VP of Careers
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Jason He
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Ethan Chen
VP of HR
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Tommy Truong
VP of Marketing
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Winnie Xu
VP of Socials
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Leo Shi
VP of Programs
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Rifah Riyadh
VP of Sponsorships
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